13 Best Tech Blogs to Follow In 2024

As the technology landscape rapidly evolves, blogs consistently deliver crucial updates on demand. While growing businesses require focus, fueling knowledge through these informative sources ensures a competitive advantage.

Dive into the top 13 tech blogs for an edge encompassing emerging gadgets, in-depth analysis of innovations like AI, and more. Ranging from beloved brands to fresh startups, their diversity and daily delivery of insights illuminate the path ahead.

Your discovery of handpicked tech blogs begins now!

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Top 13 Tech Blogs You Should Follow

1.  CNET

CNET has provided technology updates, blog guidance, and insights for over two decades. Their team of experts demystifies emerging trends in an approachable way. Articles explain updated technology so anyone can benefit. ‘How to’ guides, such as How to Start a Blog, address tech issues and lifestyle areas. CNET anticipates trends to keep readers informed.

2.  Digital Trends

Digital Trends guides audiences through Technology Updates. Their coverage filters hype to provide meaningful insights on how innovations impact life. As a top independent publisher, they reach millions monthly across platforms. Reporting explores the daily impacts of devices and emerging technology through analysis beyond specs.

3.  Mashable

Mashable tracks new media, culture, and technology updates and caters to them in this blog. Their team has reported on trends for over ten years. The Editor-in-Chief is one of those tech blogs that leads global coverage. Stories examine tech, entertainment, culture, and social issues. Mashable shows how innovations impact daily life. Mashable gives access to changes in many formats. These things make them very helpful for understanding the digital world.

4.  Wired

As one of the largest and best tech blogs, Wired’s experts reliably deliver comprehensive insights across all aspects of emerging technologies. Business owners, marketers, and enthusiasts depend on their cutting-edge reporting and standards of in-depth exploration to stay informed on trends, reviews, and societal impacts. Earning mass global readership and respect through multiple engaging formats for decades, Wired consistently brings invaluable ideas that empower understanding of evolving industries.

5.  IoT Tech News

This technology blog is about new IoT and how businesses and groups use internet-connected devices to improve things. You’ll find news about new gadgets, projects companies are working on, and updates on technology standards and security issues. They explain it in a way that’s easy to follow, even if you’re not an expert. The writers did a great job breaking down big announcements so regular folks like me can understand what it means. They also give context about how certain technology can help with real problems.

6.  Engadget

Engadget delivers cutting-edge technology updates and reviews globally. Led by Editor-in-Chief Dana Wollman, reporters explore industry trends and new products. In-depth sections like reviews from editors help all audiences make purchase decisions. Insights on emerging opportunities aid innovators. Engadget is one of the best tech blogs that equips businesses and individuals with knowledge to navigate constant industry changes.

7.  Ars Technica

Ars Technica has delivered in-depth blogging tech coverage for over two decades. The site is owned and founded by Ken Fisher, who provides tech blogs, analysis, and community. It is one of those tech news blogs that balance breaking updates with expert explainers—sections like CPU and security aid understanding for professionals and newcomers alike. Marketers gain from partnering with their engaged audience. PR directors can discuss opportunities for businesses to connect with Ars Technica’s brand.

8.  The Next Web

Beyond news, TNW explores the transformative edges of business through epic annual conferences, sharing ideas that shape entrepreneurship. With an exponentially growing reputation, experts at TNW have cemented it as the premier destination for up-to-the-minute insights accessed through a fun yet credible style.

9.   AnandTech

No matter what new computers or phones emerge, AnandTech covers it all. Their expert team tests everything from little parts to complete devices. Whether you love tech or are just learning, AnandTech informs without hype or fluff. Trust them to learn what works best for any budget or need.

10.  TechRadar

TechRadar is the world’s largest technology site, helping over 30 million users monthly. Their team of experts provides transparent, unbiased advice in everyday language. Complementary sites like TRG and TechRadar Pro also cater to specific gaming and business tech interests. These experts also track broader industry trends. From new devices to emerging form factors, they’ve got the insights.

11. PCWorld   

For decades, PCWorld has guided users on desktops, laptops, and all related gear, so this is a tech news blog to stay updated. Deep dives into gaming hardware and accessories make them one of the best gaming blogs and a one-stop shop for gamers. Need a new laptop, monitor, or router? Let their experts be your advisors on unleashing peak PC power on Clicky vouchers.

12. BGR

BGR has been a leader in tech blogs for over 15 years. With most of their talented team in place that whole time, you know you’re getting deep expertise. Whether you want early glimpses of upcoming devices or total reviews, BGR delivers exclusive insider intel. Their global network of pros offers unique insights. Fast-paced devices, entertainment, and science coverage, such as the tech blog Netflix, give a well-rounded perspective on trends. Reviews cut through the hype to show you what gear truly excels at. For an inside edge on the latest and greatest in consumer tech, make BGR your go-to source. Consider them one of the most insightful technology blogs, keeping you always in the know.

13. Android Authority

Android Authority leads the way in all things Android and beyond. Their team of experts explains new technology clearly and without jargon. While mobile started them, coverage now spans robot vacuums, streaming services, and innovative AI. Whether you are an Android or general tech geek, let AA guide you through an exciting gadget world. These reliable friends are some of the best tech blogs for Android lovers.


Keeping up with rapidly changing technology can take time and effort for busy individuals. This guide highlights 13 top tech blogs that reliably deliver timely updates on innovations and trends. We encourage you to check out tech blogs catering to how to keep updated with technology. Discovering fresh insights will strengthen your knowledge base.

Your journey of continuous tech discovery starts now. Don’t delay; begin exploring these recommended tech blogs to stay informed.

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