16 Trending Beauty Blogs Everyone Should Know

Good beauty blogs are as important to skincare, cosmetics, and makeup as food is to humans. However, like various cuisines, many skincare and beauty blogs are available online, making it difficult to identify the best ones. Also visit clicky vouchers for best discounts and deals on beauty products

Several bloggers frequently mislead us by claiming to be experts and pretending to teach us how to start a beauty blog when they are not. However, you no longer need to worry because we’ve compiled 16 beauty blogs to help you look your best. Keep scrolling!

Beauty Blogs

List of Popular Beauty Blogs to Follow

1. Shirley’s Wardrobe

Shirley’s Wardrobe is your one-stop shop for lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. Shirley B. Eniang is the owner of this beauty and fashion blog. She also has a good fan base on her YouTube channel. Her blog has information on anything from high heels to the best fashion apparel available. She also keeps a fascinating photo journal, documenting fragments of her day-to-day activities!

2. Estee’ Lalonde

Estee Lalonde is a creative director who has been talking about beauty for over ten years and lives in London. She began by starting a YouTube channel before starting a blog. Lalonde discusses things other than beauty, such as mental health problems. She works with many brands and is honest and upfront with her audience. She had numerous articles published in Glamour and Vogue, among other beauty magazines.

3. Amber Fillerup Clark

Amber Fillerup Clark shares her thoughts and feelings about various subjects on her blog, which is more akin to her journal. Her site offers a peek at her journey to stay and feel well, from makeup, skincare, and health advice to haircuts and wardrobe choices.

4. The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl is committed to educating people about the best beauty products and mentoring them on their skincare journey. This blog was founded by Adrienne Sondag in 2011 and soon gained international viewership. It has also received numerous accolades. Visit this blog for frank evaluations of products that work and those that don’t.

5. Shirley’s Wardrobe

Shirley seems to be all about style in London, but she also possesses amazing beauty secrets and methods. She can help you with everything, from the perfect bare face to wedding guest beautification ideas.

6. The Anna Edit

An award-winning YouTube channel and blog were launched by content creator Anna Newton in 2010. She is a beauty addict, and according to their claim, her lifestyle blog is the fifth largest in the world. Anna Newton has appeared in publications such as The Guardian, Grazia, Stylist, YOU, and Metro. She discusses hot beauty health in her beauty fashion lifestyle blog.

7. Robin Black

MUA Robin Black takes a very different approach to beauty despite her moniker. She will post stunning, vivid, and bold photos on her account. Put another way, if you’re looking to start a change and are sick of your current makeup routine, this is the best location to discover inspiration.

8. The Tennille Life

In 2013, Tennille Murphy started a beauty blog to share her interests with the world. The former flight attendant and interior designer shares frequent posts about food, fashion, fitness, and beauty. In addition to her blog, she has developed a vibrant community on social media; on Instagram alone, she has over 217K followers.

9. A model recommends

We adore Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends for her practical approach to makeup and skincare. This international model is a great resource if you want skincare advice that works. You only need to review a few of her site comments to see that she is well-versed in her field and knows how to achieve results.

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10. The Satorialist

The Satorialist’s inventor, Scott Schuman, is a photographer. He started this blog to start a conversation with readers regarding the fashion industry and how it affects day-to-day living. His ideas originated in Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, and GQ where he spent three years shooting and editing his GQ page.

The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum have permanent collections of his amazing work. Additionally, Schuman has worked with numerous other companies, including Burberry, DKNY Jeans, Nespresso, and Kiehl’s.

11. Wendy Rowe

Wendy Rowe is a global makeup artist and authority on beauty. She has worked in the beauty sector for over ten years and is well-versed in skincare. She runs one of the top beauty blogs on the internet. With La Bouche Rouge, she has also developed her own line of environmentally friendly lipsticks. You can follow Wendy Rowe, who writes about cosmetics, skincare, and wellness on her blog, for a more prevalent approach to beauty and skincare.

12. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright focuses on lifestyle and beauty. You can follow her beauty and makeup routines on her YouTube account. You may also read her in-depth posts to stay current on fashion and cosmetic trends. She also writes about dieting, travel, glam, and staying fit.

13. Budget Fashionista

Beauty is only sometimes expensive. Check out Budget Fashionista by Catherine Brock for style advice that will stay within the budget. This is your one-stop thrift store for affordable beauty products, carrying everything from hair care products to skincare basics!

14. The beauty of it is

Do you want to protect the environment and avoid dubious beauty products? Let “The Beauty of It Is” by Katey Denno guide you. She frequently adds excellent “green” product reviews to her Instagram account. She’s a fantastic makeup artist as well.

15. Makeup and beauty blog

Karen is a veteran freelance writer and beauty blogger. Her website, Makeup and Beauty Blog, is a central location for regular product reviews, beauty news, and makeup advice.

16. Lab muffin

Dr. Michelle Wong established Lab Muffin Beauty Science as a platform to teach people interested in beauty products about the chemistry of makeup. She detects ingredients, offers perceptive product critiques, and analyzes viral trends.

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