Netflix Documentaries 2023

Netflix documentaries are highly demanded by audiences due to their incredible and fascinating stories. The stories are more realistic and cover real-life events and history. Most people relate documentaries to their real lives due to their elegant storyline and cast. These documentaries showed up, to generate a positive influence over the audience, not just the traumas. The top documentary list is available on Netflix as well as on IMDb with the rating scale so that you can select according to your preference. You can even apply filters on Netflix to get the top-rated series in one go.

1. Gunther’s Millions 

Gunther VI’s story revolves around a multi-millionaire dog: who lives a luxurious life after the death of her owner and owns her inheritance. He enjoyed private plane tours, and delicious meals, and surrounded himself with great entertainers and guards.

Official Premise: 

The Netflix story begins with the twist of Gunther’s son’s tragic death, which leaves her along with a dog. She started treating his dog as his beloved son. Before her death, she handed over her dog to her son’s friend, who was the owner of an Italian pharmaceutical firm.

Ranking: 5.6

Star Cast: Valentine Demy, Aurelien Leturgie.

2. Unknown: Killer Robots 

The Netflix entertaining series reflects the benefits and drawbacks of robots and highlights the consequences of technology over humankind. The thrilling series shows the risky side of technology once it goes out of control.

Official Premise: 

The mission of building the latest armed technology by utilizing artificial intelligence leads a scientist to death. The story begins with a scientific lab surrounded by scientists working on a military-funded project

IMDB ranking: 6.4

Star Cast: Mark Mason, Paul Scharre, Izumi Nakamitsu, Justin Bradley.

3. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal 

The story features the life of a reputable Murdaughs family, who lives in South Carolina. They lost their son in a tragic boat accident on a beach at night. The death of a teenager on the beach leaves the family in grief but at the same time exposes the dark secrets of the family.

Official Premise: 

The Netflix series features three parts; the first part sets the story background while the twist begins in the second part after the death of the son. Lately, the deaths of Paul and Maggie dig out the actual business of the family.

Ranking: 7.1

Star Cast: Anthony Cook, Morgan, and Connor Cook,

4. Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street 

Madoff highlights the white-collar crime through fraud, which is done by major personalities of society including various journalists, investors, and employees. The story revolves around the global Ponzi scheme fraud of about $64 billion dollars.

Official Premise: 

Madoff’s revenge is the major turning point of the four-part documentary. The biggest fraud in history crushes the trust of investors who retain their faith in Wall Street statesmen. The major plot is the rise of Madoff at the beginning of the series as the most powerful broker of all time.

Ranking: 7.3

Star Cast: Darren Aponte, Diana B. Henriques, Stephanie Beauchamp, Gary Blum, Isa Camyar

5. Wham! 

The fascinating music duo documentary featuring Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael was incredible. The magical song of 80’stay in one head leads them to the next level.

Official Premise: 

The pure pop music journey of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, have sketched in the documentary. The series reminds you how exciting the musical journey of Wham was in the 70’s and 80’s. the series builds musical connections of the stars with the old pop music lovers.

IMDB Ranking: 7.5

Star Cast:  George Michaela and Andrew Ridgely.

6. Running for the Truth: Alex Schwazer 

The petty mistake of an Italian gold medalist cursed her life and ended his professional athletic career. The series reflects the hardship and success of Schwazer and his dedication to building her career from scratch when everyone wants to pull her down.  

Official Premise: 

The struggling rise of Alex Schwazer at the Tokyo Olympics with the support of her opponent, the heart-melting journey of first-time performers with manipulation and tempered test. The dramatic struggling journey ends with an emotional ending.

Ranking: 7.6

Star Cast: Alex Schwazer

7. The Deepest Breath (2023)

The terrifying but exciting underwater journey of the free driver features secrets and dark adventures. The series contains a burst of emotional story with a shocking twist. Enjoy the dark secret of the ocean with beautiful photography and tiny humans.

Official Premise: 

Despite having, separate paths, a safety driver and a champion share the exhilarating joys and unavoidable perils of pursuing goals in the ocean’s depths. The champion and an accomplished safety diver cross paths at the top of the free-diving world, it felt like a match made in heaven.

IMDB Ranking: 7.8

Star Cast: Alessia Zecchini

8. Bill Russell: Legend 

The career journey of a black superstar Bill Russell is emotional and inspirational. The series reflects an in-depth insight into his career journey, as an NBA icon and civil rights icon. The dramatic journey of a legend will change your thoughts against struggle and failure.

Official Premise: 

The two-part film captures the details of the legendary life of Bill Russell and his work on civil rights and the NBA. The award-winning featured film is based on the last interview of Bill Russell in 2022 before he passed out. The director dedicated the series in honor of Bill Russell.

Ranking: 8.0

Star Cast: Jeffrey Wright and Corey Stoll  

9. Tour De France: Unchained 

The dramatic and challenging journey of Tour de France to cover the world with his cycle. The story contains the sight of art that allows people to explore the world differently. The great challenge of the Tour de France inspired athletes around the globe to take cycling seriously with great inspiration.

Official Premise: 

The magnificent journey of eight teams featured in this documentary, who take part in the fascinating race called Tour de France. The rise of challenges and struggles in the life of a cyclist is featured in the series with great effects.

Ranking: 8.3

Star Cast: Jasper Philipsen, Neilson Powless

10. Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 5

The Netflix latest season of Drive to Survive sets the new trends of competition and battle, as the season took fans to the studio for exposure. The thrilling documentary takes fans behind the camera to witness the extreme essence of the FIA Formula 1 racing championship.

Official Premise: 

Exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes of the biggest sports athletes were offered to the winners who provided generous information about Formula 1.

Ranking: 8.6

Star Cast: Carlos Sainz, George Russell, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel. Driver

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