Discover Easter Sunday Department Store Openings 2023

Easter Sunday is a time for celebration and often involves family gatherings, delicious meals, and even a bit of shopping. Whether you need to pick up some last-minute ingredients for your Easter feast, buy gifts, or want to enjoy some retail therapy, knowing which department stores are open on Easter can be helpful.

This guide will explore which department stores typically keep their doors open on this holiday in 2023.


Belk is a popular department store chain in the southern United States. While they traditionally close on major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, they tend to remain open on Easter Sunday. However, checking with your local Belk store for specific holiday hours is always a good idea, as they may vary by location.


Kohl’s is known for offering great deals and a wide range of products, and they often open on Easter Sunday. Like many other retailers, they may have reduced hours, so check their website or contact your local Kohl’s store for exact Easter hours in 2023.

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Macy’s, the iconic department store chain, typically keeps its doors open on Easter Sunday. You can expect to find a variety of sales and special promotions during the holiday weekend. Visit their website or call your local Macy’s for precise Easter hours.


JCPenney is another department store that tends to remain open on Easter Sunday. They often have Easter-themed sales and promotions, making it a convenient option for holiday shoppers. As always, confirm the operating hours with your nearest JCPenney store.

Nordstrom, the upscale department store, usually operates on Easter Sunday. While they cater to a higher-end clientele, they offer a wide range of products, from designer fashion to beauty and home goods. Check Nordstrom’s website or call your local store for Easter hours and any special Easter deals.


Target is famous for those looking to stock up on Easter goodies, from candy to decorations. This retail giant typically opens its doors on Easter Sunday but may have reduced hours, so verifying the hours for your local Target store is a good idea.


With its extensive range of products, including groceries, electronics, and clothing, Walmart is known for staying open on Easter Sunday. Walmart stores usually have Easter sales and deals so that you can save on various items. Confirm the Easter hours for your nearest Walmart location before heading out.

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Sears, a long-standing department store chain, often remains open on Easter. They offer a diverse selection of products, from appliances to tools. Remember that Sears has been reducing its number of physical locations in recent years, so it’s advisable to check the status of your nearest store and its Easter hours.


Dillard is a department store known for its fashion offerings and home goods. While they typically operate on Easter Sunday, it’s wise to double-check the exact hours with your local Dillard’s store, as they may vary by location.


Bloomingdale’s, a high-end department store, is another option for Easter shopping. They usually keep their doors open on Easter Sunday. Still, verifying their specific holiday hours is essential, especially if you plan to visit their flagship store in New York City.

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack, the discount offshoot of Nordstrom, often opens on Easter Sunday. This is a great place to check out if you’re looking for designer bargains. As with other stores, ensure you know the Easter hours for your local Nordstrom Rack.

Macy’s Backstage

Macy’s Backstage, the discount outlet of Macy’s, is another option for Easter shoppers. They frequently open on Easter Sunday, offering reduced prices on various items. Confirm your local Macy’s Backstage store hours to plan your visit accordingly.

Your Local Department Stores

In addition to these national chains, many local department stores may remain open on Easter Sunday. These smaller, independent stores often have unique offerings and can provide a more personalized shopping experience. Check with your local department stores well in advance to see if they will be open on Easter and their holiday hours.

Shopping Online  

If you prefer to skip the in-store experience or can’t find a department store open on Easter in your area, remember that many retailers have online stores that are always open. You can shop for Easter essentials and gifts from your home and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Final Thoughts

While most major department stores tend to stay open on Easter Sunday, it’s essential to verify the specific holiday hours for your local store. Remember that some stores may have reduced hours or special Easter promotions, so it’s a good idea to plan your shopping accordingly. Whether you’re looking for Easter decorations and gifts or want to enjoy a leisurely shopping experience, knowing which department stores are open can help you make the most of your Easter holiday Shopping on Amazon Deal Days a Purchaser Paradise.

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