How to Make Your Natural Feather Brows

Feather brows usually require a more prominent and fuller brow and don’t require stencils, in contrast to the 1990s trend of thinner brows. We should first discuss what feather brows are in general before moving on to how to apply them.

The hair should appear feather-like overall, almost wispy. The goal of the brows is to appear slightly bushy and almost wind-blown, so you don’t need to bother applying concealer in a precise arch.

Due to their ability to suit brows of all sizes and shapes, feather brows have recently grown in popularity on Instagram and TikTok. Furthermore, because of their versatility, feather brows can be worn with both every day and glam makeup looks.

How to create and maintain Feather brows

There are various techniques for making feather brows that suit multiple tastes. To fill in any sparse areas, you may use a clear product gel to hold your hair in place or a hair color that complements the natural color of your brows.

Knowing the appropriate tools to use for your feather brows is crucial.

Things you need before making Feather brows

  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow Gel
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow brush

Step-by-step tutorial for feather brows

Step 1: Prep your eyebrows

You will require the appropriate canvas to work from since you are assuming the job of a feather brows artist. It is advised that before feathering, you take the necessary actions to get your ideal, naturally occurring brow.

If you are new to this line, visit Route Shopping for the best-suited products and use an eyebrow shaper to streamline your brows. Try Kiko Cosmetics eyebrow brushes, which are adjustable to make you stand out with each different look.

Step 2. Brush Your eyebrows

Focus on a single piece of your brows, beginning with the sparser areas closest to the outside edge of your brow. Move toward the middle of the brow, brushing softly and lightly with short strokes. This will enable you to move with the necessary volume.

Step 3. Make Hair Strokes

After your brows are feathered, it’s time to fill them in. Again, start with the sparse areas.

Next, use the pencil to outline your eyes with gentle, little upward strokes tilted toward their outer corners.

Step 4. Could you set it?

Have you ever wondered how to maintain the appearance of feathery eyebrows? The candid solution is brow gel.

Use a clear gel of your choice for extended stays, and lightly brush the product over your naturally fluffy brows. If you need help selecting an appropriate brush, visit Route Shopping to learn about beauty category blogs.

Step 5. Concealer

Use concealer to create a line beneath the brow bone. Apply concealer to the upper part of your eyebrow for added definition. This is crucial to achieving a more dramatic “statement” feathery brow.

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Tips and Tricks for Natural-look Feathered Eyebrows

1. Initial Prep

The first thing to do is prepare your eyebrows for the feathery style. Avoid waxing, threading, and trimming if you want your brows to be as full and fluffy as possible.

Using a growth serum can aid in the growth of sparse brows, but don’t worry too much about this, as you can still achieve the look you want using makeup.

2. Wisely select a feather brow Kit

To achieve the realistic feathered effect, a brow kit is essential. Invest in one that comes in two or three colors, like the Body Shop, Brow Box or the Mac Brow Kit, so you can adjust the color to the closest shade of your brow. If you’re starting with eyebrow makeup, this kit is quite helpful. To assist you in shaping your brows, they also include tools like tweezers.

3.Brush your eyebrows

Before filling the colors on top of your brows, use a brow spoolie by It Cosmetics to brush your eyebrows upward, revealing your brow’s natural gaps and stroke. This will highlight the sparse areas which need to be filled in. It also highlights the natural direction of the eyebrows, making it easier for you to know where to draw your strokes.

4.Create lighter Strokes

Remember to use softer, lighter strokes when producing natural feathered eyebrows. This method differs slightly from the traditional microblading method, which requires more force.

When feathering, you want to achieve very fine, hair-like strokes, so proceed with great caution. Recall to use as little pressure as possible!

5. Apply gently 

If you’re used to using more pressure when microblading, creating such light and gentle strokes can be challenging. Do your best to maintain a gentle touch and use the slightest pressure.

Before working with your real client, you can begin by practicing on paper or plastic skins. This will help you gauge how much pressure is appropriate without going too far.

6. Don’t rush

Take your time! This is particularly critical when feathering, since you must exercise extra caution to prevent errors. Take your time, and if necessary, review any particular area more.

The Best Soap for feather brows

Choose transparent or translucent soap, such as pear, for the smoothest application. If not, using ordinary soap could leave your brows with a slight white tint. A soap with glycerin as an ingredient gives your brows a firm grip and a hint of shine.


Your feather lash and brow are naturally fluffy, and you are proud of them. But mastering the brows of a feather is a continuous endeavor. Even if the steps are simple, it will take a few tries to nail the appearance. Thus, practice produces feathery perfection, so be patient with yourself and your brows!

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