15 Best Places To Shop for Men’s Shoes Online?

Are you searching for the best places to buy men’s shoes online at best price? Here are some of the best websites to purchase men’s shoes:

While there’s nothing like in-person shopping regarding finding the right fit, online shoes shopping can be much more efficient if you know what websites to hit. Shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, I’ve often walked past the exact shoes I want in a different size but not in my size. This caused me to ask an associate to hunt for it in the back.

The online shoe retailers we’ve included here represent all priorities and price points, whether you’re looking for casual footwear, sport-specific trainers, or a place to find a budget pair.

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Where To Shop Men’s Shoes Online

I’ll include different places to buy men’s shoes online in this list in no particular order.


They sell tried-and-true brands like Adidas, Under Armour and even hip, relatively new brands like On Running. Eastbay is also a good place to buy men’s shoes online when looking for sport-specific brands like ECD Lacrosse and all of Nike’s sublines.

Eastbay.com accepts Google Pay and PayPal and offers coupons on their website. They have free deliveries and returns through their Test Run Program, allowing you to return shoes worn on the field after 30 days.


It’s a similar model to Costco and Sam’s Club. I’ve found $1150 Ferragamo leathers on DSW for around $320.

If you want more savings on top of their already competitive price points, DSW members get $10 off of $49, $20 off of $99, and $60 off of purchases of $199 or more. I could’ve gotten those Ferragamos for even less than $300.


It’s a global platform to buy men’s shoes online for luxury fashion that connects you with designers and curators from over 190 countries. You can find pieces from over 1,400 brands, boutiques, and department stores all in one place.

You can shop shoes from traditional high-end fashion houses like Balenciaga and Dolce and hip, high-end brands like Common Projects. If you love high-low sneaker collabs, Farfetch has countless options at any given time, including Grenson X Labrum and Rick Owens X Converse.


The newest drops go straight to the top of the men’s shoe section, including over 200 designers and 600 new arrivals weekly.

You can find Italian leather dress shoes from Bottega and Brunello Cucinelli, Margiela GAT sneakers, and even more creative footwear like wool sneakers from the fabric experts at Loro Piana.


Huckberry is a community for adventurers of all scopes, from the off-grid guy to the urban professional who lives for his weekend excursions in the mountains.

To accommodate the different subgenres of adventurers, the brand offerings range from heritage shoemakers like Red Wing to youthful, sporty brands like Vans and from hand-made leather footwear by Luca to sandal-friendly hang-ten brands like Olukai.


You can search for footwear in clothing, men’s shoes online, jewelry, sports and outdoor, and luxury stores. Plus, who doesn’t love the free two-day shipping on countless items with Prime?

Besides the fast delivery and low prices, the best thing about Amazon is that you’re guaranteed to get your item regardless of what happens to it during delivery, in your building’s lobby, or on your porch.


Some of their top-selling brands include Florsheim, Cole Haan, and Asics, so they’re pretty much the modern-day equivalent of a mall men’s shoes online store but bigger and better.

They’re excellent on the customer service front. Not only do they offer an unheard-of one-year return policy, as well as free shipping and returns, but actual people answer their phones. And, unlike many phone-shy internet companies, their number is on every website page.

Join Route Shopping for new releases, seasonal options, and coupons.


You can chat or call designer specialists as you scroll through the options. They have over 6,500 options at any time, with all the top brands, from Converse and Church to Givenchy and Golden Goose.

Another great organizational feature on Nordstrom.com is that you can sort the men’s shoes online by highly specific priorities. Like most shoe sites, you can search by size, price, and brand. On top of that, there’s color, occasion, material, and even heel shape.


Like Nordstrom, Macy’s takes their in-store experience and successfully distills it into the online space. Like their Herald Square flagship in New York, the website perfectly balances independent shopping with assistance from associates.

I’ve gone to Macys.com to buy $300 shoes, only to pay $75. The categorization sidebar has an “offers” section to see what deals apply to shoes.


Suppose you’re the kind of guy who loves trendy men’s shoes online you can’t find anywhere else and even borderline irreverent looks. In that case, Asos is a great place to go hunting. And since their design studio is reasonably priced, you can turn to Asos if you need new shoes for a theme, a costume party, or a pair you don’t think you’ll wear that often.

To give you an idea, you can find men’s shoes online with ornate detailing for around $40 and vegan leather Chelsea boots with high-ish heels for around $55.

Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell’s focus is versatile luxury men’s shoes online, so they tend to stick to timeless and essential silhouettes. They’re famous for their transparency, and each shoe features a price breakdown on the website.

These breakdowns are specific, too, ensuring you know exactly how much every component costs, from the leather to the packing materials.

They source manufacturers from the March region of Italy, where way more expensive brands head as well. For example, their low-profile whites, the Low 1, are around ~$199, half the price of Common Projects’ Achilles.

Beckett Simonon

Like many online brands, Beckett Simon’s business model revolves around bypassing retailers and selling directly to consumers to keep their prices low. Before starting the brand, the founders had their leather line. Beckett Simonon is known for its leather offerings, including boots and comfortable dress shoes.

They buy their leather at a gold-rated tannery in Italy and build men’s shoes online in long-lasting Goodyear welt or comfortable Blake-stitched constructions that are easier to break in.

New Republic

Another impressive budget brand, New Republic, can sell wildly affordable men’s shoes online because of its super-specific approach to every process step. They employ Chinese manufacturing but use premium products.

For example, their low-profile whites, the Kurts, are made with sustainably sourced Italian leather and cost less than $60. Meanwhile, their sub-90 Sonoma Chelsea boot has become a popular fashion cheat code.

Overall, New Republic uses classic design templates and then puts subtle twists on them, making each shoe timeless and versatile but exciting.


Koio shoes are handcrafted in Marche, Italy, using locally sourced leather and recycled materials. The brand mentions that each pair goes through 42 passes, with 42 artisans before completion. They’re mainly known for their sneakers but also offer slip-on and boots, including chukkas and Chelseas in suede or leather.

Price-wise, Koio is a little higher than Oliver Cabell. Still, the extra cost makes sense, considering how much more premium Koio’s footwear is.


I’m a fan of the comfort-focused footwear brand Amberjack. They have a small but effective range of hybrid men’s shoes online—some of the best on the market. So many dress-comfort models look like dress shoes with a weirdly contrasting orthopedic outsole slapped on, but not with Amberjack footwear.


There are many options to fit every taste, from high-end options like Farfetch and Mytheresa to well-known names like DSW and Macy’s, which we discovered while searching for the best online stores to buy men’s shoes.

Whether you’re looking for luxury designer brands, casual footwear, or athletic shoes, there are many options listed here that can meet your needs and budget. You also get huge discounts on these online options by visiting Clicky Vouchers.

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