Mr. Beast Net Worth: How Does He Spend His Money?

How Mr. Beast got rich is a question frequently leveled at the extravagantly generous YouTube personality, but as he gives away everything, how did Mr. Beast make his money? Jimmy Donaldson, often known as Mr. Beast’s Net Worth, began his career as a game streamer but has since become an internet sensation that raised Mr. Beast’s net worth, with over 6b views on their YouTube channel since he launched it in 2012 at 13.

Over two decades later, Mr. Beast has over 217 million subscribers on his main account, while Mr. Beast Gaming has over 30 million. Donaldson’s loyal fanbase is a critical factor in making him one of the richest YouTubers ever.

mr. beast's net worth

Mr. Beast’s Personal Life

Mr. Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is not just a YouTube sensation but also a resilient individual who battles Crohn’s disease, diagnosed in his teens. He was born on May 7, 1998

Beyond his digital fame, he’s found love with Maddy Spidell, whom he met on Twitter in 2019. Their relationship has been showcased in heartwarming videos, including a memorable Valentine’s Day surprise with 100,000 roses. Behind the camera, Jimmy’s life is a blend of challenges and genuine moments.

The Rise of a YouTube Sensation—Mr. Beast

Jimmy Donaldson, born in Greenville, North Carolina, began his YouTube journey under the alias “MrBeast6000.” From humble beginnings with video game commentaries to pioneering “stunt philanthropy,” his innovative content strategy has garnered him billions of views and millions of subscribers, making him one of the platform’s most influential figures that contributing to increase Mr. Beast’s net worth.

Mr. Beast’s Net Worth – Complete Breakdown

1. YouTube Revenue   

Revenue from ads

With billions of views across his channels, Mr Beast earns significantly from YouTube’s ad revenue. Conservative estimates suggest he deserves at least $3 million monthly from YouTube ads alone.

Memberships & Super Chats

These features allow fans to donate directly or subscribe to premium content, adding another income layer.

2. Sponsorships

Brand Collaborations

Mr Beast’s videos often feature integrations with major brands. Partnerships with giants like Microsoft and Electronic Arts can command high six-figure or even seven-figure sums per video.

Video Sponsorships

The brand can spend up to 1 million dollars each month to be the key sponsor of its main video page.

3. Merchandise

Online Store

He sells apparel and accessories through It’s estimated that a significant portion of his income, potentially up to 40% of Mr. Beast’s net worth, comes from merchandise sales.

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4. Business Ventures

Mr. Beast Burger

Launched in 2021, this venture initially partnered with existing restaurants to deliver burgers. Despite challenges, the brand has expanded, even opening physical locations.


This venture saw Mr Beast launch his line of chocolate bars and, later, gummy candies, adding another revenue stream.

6. Miscellaneous Ventures

Mobile Gaming

With games like “Finger on the App,” Mr. Beast has ventured into the mobile gaming space, offering cash prizes to winners.

Other Channels

In addition to his main channel, MrBeast has other channels, like “Beast Reacts,” which also contribute to his earnings.

5. Philanthropy & Stunt Videos:

While many of his videos involve giving away large sums of money, the viral nature of these videos ensures high viewership, which generates significant ad revenue. Moreover, some of these videos have sponsors covering the giveaways’ costs.

Business Ventures – Mr Beast

Mr. Beast’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to diversify his portfolio, venturing into various business endeavors. Here’s a closer look at some of the key business ventures of Mr. Beast that helps to grow Mr. Beast’s net worth:

1. Mr Beast Burger


In December 2020, Mr Beast introduced “Mr Beast Burger”, a virtual dining concept that partnered with existing restaurants to deliver burgers.


The brand quickly expanded, and by September 2022, Mr Beast had opened a physical location in East Rutherford, IN Dream Mall, New Jersey, USA.


Despite its initial success, the venture faced quality control issues. Mr Beast and Virtual Dining Concepts, the company behind the ghost kitchen model, engaged in a legal tussle over the venture’s quality and profitability.

2. Feastables


In January 2022, Mr Beast announced “Feastables, ” a food company that initially launched its line of chocolate bars, Mr Beast Bars.


By April 2023, Feastables expanded its product range to include “Karl Gummies“, a line of gummy candy developed in collaboration with Karl Jacobs.

3. Mobile Gaming

Mr. Beast launched a multiplayer endurance game called “Finger on the App” in June 2020. The game’s premise was simple, one had to keep their finger on their mobile screen within the app, and the last person remaining would win a cash prize.

4. Merchandise


Capitalizing on his vast fanbase, Mr Beast ventured into merchandise through This platform of Mr Beast provides a wide range of offerings, from accessories to apparel, representing a significant portion of his income.

5. Philanthropy & Stunt Videos

While many of his videos involve giving away large sums of money, the viral nature of these videos ensures high viewership, which generates significant ad revenue. Moreover, some of these videos also have sponsors covering the giveaways’ costs, turning philanthropy into a profitable venture.

6. Team Trees

In collaboration with former NASA engineer Mark Robert, Mr Beast launched the #TeamTrees initiative in October 2019. Twenty million trees were to be planted, and the goal of raising $20 million was exceeded in less than two months.


Mr Beast, or Jimmy Donaldson, is not just known for his entertaining YouTube stunts and challenges; he’s also renowned for his philanthropic endeavors. His charitable acts have made headlines, inspired countless others, and had tangible impacts on various causes and communities.


Mr. Beast’s net worth and financial narrative blends innovation, business acumen, and a genuine desire to make a difference. His story inspires as he continues to evolve and expand, proving that with passion and perseverance, one can build an empire and use it to better the world. For more such content, visit Route shopping

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