Privacy Policy

Route shopping ensures that all the precious information of our users is kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any third-party website or application. All the valuable data that we collect from you can only be stored on a server. In this section, you will learn about our policies and their implementation.

The policy applied to our gathered data:

Our policy applies to the data we gather through our website, from messages and emails that are exchanged between you and our website, furthermore, any information you access through your desktop or mobile application will be saved by the website.

The policy does not apply to data:

The information that is collected by us offline or by other sources run by any third-party application or content including advertisements and subsidies that may be linked to be accessed from or on the website.

Pay attention to the details of our policies, to understand how we deal with your valuable information.  To analyse the research and facts base content you have to agree with our terms and conditions. By agreeing to our privacy policy, you can access our website anytime.

Information We Gather About You and How We Gather It

Through our website, we gather various types of information about our users including:

The personal information such as name, postal address, email address, phone number, or any other identifier by which you may be contacted online or offline.

That is about your internet connection, the equipment you use to access our website, and usage information.

We obtain this information in two ways

  • Directly from you when you give it to us and automatically as you use the site.
  •  Usage statistics, IP addresses, and cookie data are just a few examples of the types of data that may be automatically gathered.

Information You Deliver to Us

The Data that you voluntarily supply by completing forms on our website is one type of information that we may gather on or via that website.

  • This includes details given while registering to use our website, signing up for our service, publishing content, or asking for additional services.
  • The responses you provide to questionnaires we may ask you to complete for research. Information about the transactions you do through our website and the execution of your orders. Before making an order, you might need to supply financial details.
  •  When you participate in a contest or promotion, we sponsor or when you let us know there is an issue with our website, we might additionally ask you for data.

Information We Gathered Through Involuntary Data Collection Tools.

While you sign up on our webpage, your data is automatically saved to our server through automatic data collectors. The data includes communication information and resources you access from our webpage.

  • Private information can be comprised of the data we automatically gather, or we may keep it on file or link it to personal data we obtain from third parties, ourselves, or other sources.
  • Make searches more quickly.
  • It enables us to, among other things, estimate our audience size and usage trends, which allows us, to develop our website and provide better, more individualized service.
  • Information regarding your machine, internet connection IP address, your system, and Chrome.
  • Your provided information allows us to provide you with the relevant content you were looking for before.

  The tools that we utilize for this spontaneous data collection may include:

Browser cookies

Files that are stored in your device’s hard disk is known as a cookie. By providing permission in the relevant setting option, you can refuse to allow any third party to your device. However, if you choose this option; you might not be able to access our entire website.

Cookies in Flash

Cookies in Flash. In order to gather and store data about your preferences and usage of our website, some features may employ locally saved objects (or Flash cookies).

Third-Party Use of Cookies

When you visit our website, third parties may use cookies to gather information about you.

  • Third parties, such as advertisers, ad networks and servers, content providers, and application providers, serve some of the material or applications, including adverts, on the website.
  • These third parties’ tracking technology and potential applications are not within our control.
  • You should speak with the accountable provider directly if you have any concerns about an advertisement or other targeted content.
  • When you visit our website route shopping, these third parties may use cookies to gather information about you.
  •  We utilize your data to provide you with interesting promotional material and specific content.

How We Utilise Your Data

We analyze your search data and show you the relevant content that you were looking for before.

  • To present the relevant information you were looking for.
  • To provide the latest contest related to your query.
  • To resolve the issues you were facing before.
  • To present you the service and product that you are appealing for.
  • To inform you about the updates and changes that we did for your benefit. 
  • To assist you in participating in contests and entertainment.

All your gathered information will be utilised with your consent.
We can also access your information in case we have incredible services or goods that might grab your attention. You can also read out our preferences if you do not want us to use your information.

Disclosure of Your Data

Route shopping can utilize data that is not claimed or restricted by any individual. We also have the right to use personal data as mentioned in the private policy.

  • With our partners and associates.
  • With our suppliers, facility providers, and other third-party applications that are partnered with our business. All the exchange of your data can only be done if you agree with our policies.

If you provide us with your email address and use it for the emailing a friend feature, we can transmit the content of that email and your email address to the receiver.

Choices about How We utilise and disclose Your Data

Route shopping ensures that you will be provided with enough options with your privacy agreement.

With us, you can agree upon your preferred terms to use our website. You can have the following controls over your information:

Tracking Technologies and Advertising.

You can either accept all the terms or specify the terms that you are going to accept while utilising our platform. Once you refer to the cookies, some sections of the website will not be disclosed to you. Ensure that after refusing the cookies we no longer protect your data from third-party applications and from fake advertisements.

Accessing and Correcting Your Information

Once you accept our terms you can review and change your personal information from our website by simply heading to the profile page.
You can also draw a request for deleting and changing your account information through our website. We can only change your information but we cannot delete your account or information.

If you have a query about your account, feel free to contact us at Our active staff deals with your query and resolves it within 30 days to 45 days. Our professional support team requested some information from its respected users through emails in case of major concerns. You can also contact the company’s official contact number to clear your doubts.

Route shopping Text (SMS) Alerts

Route shopping delivers promotional deals and offers to its valuable customers through text messages. You can unsubscribe to them if they are not useful for you.  We only text our customers about the data you ever explore on our website.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

route shopping preserves the right to update its private policies at any time. You can get the latest update on our privacy policy from our website. If you find any updates in vain, do inform us through our email. After updating our policies, shortly after you will receive a notification regarding the new updates on your visit to our platform.

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