“Thanksgiving Games: A Feast of Fun and Savings”

Thanksgiving is a time for thankfulness, good food, and treasured traditions. Watching and even attending Thanksgiving games, which commonly feature football and bring families and friends together, is one such tradition. This article will go through the Thanksgiving games for this year, how to enjoy them with family and friends, where to buy tickets, and practical advice for saving money on this special day. Let’s get started in the beautiful world of Thanksgiving sports and celebrations!

2023 Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving has traditionally been synonymous with football in the United States, and 2023 promises to deliver some entertaining games. While the specific schedules may vary, the NFL hosts numerous games on Thanksgiving Day. Here are some games to look forward to in the 2023 season:

Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers:

The Detroit Lions have a lengthy history of playing on Thanksgiving Day, and they’ll almost certainly meet a formidable opponent in the Green Bay Packers.

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants:

The Dallas Cowboys have a comparable history, and their rivalries are typically entertaining.

NFL Night Game:

The NFL plans a night game, usually involving a marquee club.

College Football:

College football games are another exciting option, with various matches available throughout Thanksgiving weekend.

How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Games

Organize a Game Day Party:

Invite your friends and family to watch the games with you. You can create a warm game-day ambiance with food, beverages, and team-themed décor.


If you have tickets to a live game, enjoy the tailgating ritual. Organize a tailgate party with your favorite game-day meals and beverages.

Thanksgiving Potluck:

Combine your Thanksgiving feast with the game. Have a potluck-style feast where each visitor contributes a dish, and you can all eat while watching the sports.

Friendly Betting:

Place friendly wagers with your friends and family on the sports. Betting on the outcomes can increase the excitement of the sport.

Homemade Football Crafts:

Get creative with homemade football-themed crafts and decorations, such as crafting football-shaped cookies or team banners.

Where to Purchase Tickets

If you want to go to a Thanksgiving Day game in person, you can do it in a variety of ways:

Official Team Websites:

For ticket availability and purchasing, visit the official websites of NFL clubs or college football programs.

Ticket Resale Platforms:

Websites such as Ticketmaster, StubHub, and Seat Geek are trustworthy places to buy game tickets, even last-minute offers.

Secondary Marketplaces:

You may look into secondary marketplaces such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but be cautious to prevent scammers.

Season Ticket Holders:

Please contact season ticket holders who may be ready to sell or transfer their game tickets.

Local Ticket stores:

Many stadiums feature in-person ticket stores or box offices where you may purchase tickets.

Thanksgiving Savings

Thanksgiving may be a happy occasion, but it can also be costly. Here are some money-saving suggestions for the holidays:

Plan ahead of time:

Prepare your Thanksgiving budget early, considering meal prices, travel charges, and event tickets.

Potluck Thanksgiving:

Host a potluck Thanksgiving meal with everyone bringing a dish. Potluck lowers overall costs and distributes responsibilities.

Clipping Coupons:

Look for Thanksgiving-themed discounts, bargains, and coupons in shops and online.

Black Friday Sales:

Think about your Christmas purchasing budget. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals may be an excellent way to save money on holiday gifts.

Travel Wisely:

Plan and hunt for deals on flights or hotel stays if you’re going for the holidays. Make your own Thanksgiving decorations and centerpieces to save money on décor.

Thanksgiving Leftovers:

Don’t throw away those delectable leftovers. Plan unique and delicious dinners to make the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of family, friends, and good times. Consider playing these five amusing Thanksgiving games to add some humor to your holiday gathering:

Make a temporary bowling alley in your garden or a large indoor area. Instead of standard bowling pins, use empty two-litre drink bottles with turkey photos glued to them. Participants take turns rolling a frozen turkey down the “lane” and attempting to knock down as many “turkeys” as possible. It’s a goofy and enjoyable game that will make you chuckle.

Make a Thanksgiving-themed relay race. Participants are divided into teams and given a pair of oversized trousers and a stuffed turkey. Put on the trousers, shove the turkey inside the waistline, and waddle across the finish line without dropping the poultry. It’s a funny sight and an excellent way to work off Thanksgiving calories. In addition to that, for more ideas and celebration tricks under a budget make sure to visit Route Shopping and save a hefty amount of sum.

The Pie Face Showdown board game is required. Participants insert their faces through a hole in the game’s apparatus. Then they turn the handles, risking getting a whipped cream pie in the face. It’s a hilarious game that’s ideal for after dinner.

It’s a traditional Pictionary game with a Thanksgiving twist. Make a list of terms or phrases related to Thanksgiving and split your visitors into two groups. Each team takes turns sketching and guessing the phrases associated with Thanksgiving. The issue here is that you’re not just drawing standard Pictionary words; you’re also attempting to represent Thanksgiving themes, which results in some humorous and inventive drawings.


Thanksgiving games and festivities are about more than touchdowns and turkey; they’re also about making lasting memories with loved ones. Whether you’re watching games at home, tailgating at a stadium, or attending live games, these activities allow you to embrace traditions and experience the season’s excitement. And, while you celebrate, remember that careful preparation and budgeting may make your Thanksgiving pleasurable and cost-effective. So, enjoy the games, feast, and be thankful for the time spent with family and friends.

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